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Pub(lic) Crawl for Reclaim the Streets: Symposium on Art and Public Space

The Wayward School Victoria, BC | Apr 12, 25 & 26, 2014
Co-hosted by Open Space artist-run centre and the AGGV

Presenter and panel participant at Reclaim the Streets:

“Pub(lic) Crawl” art & discussion walkabout-town and “What We Talk About When We Talk About Public Space” panel discussion.

AGGV Artist-in-Residence

Provided art instruction over a 1-month period to grade 11/12 social justice students creating graphic novel responses to a Holocaust education unit with Georgina Hope at Vic High. Culminated in a student exhibition at AGGV.

Open Space Teacher-in-Residence

Open Space artist-run centre Victoria, BC | May 15 - Jun 30, 2013
New twist on traditional artist residency program

Worked alongside Open Space staff, exhibiting artists, guest speakers, musicians, and performers to engage visitors of all ages in the contemporary arts.

The Wayward School Does Not Compute

Open Space Artist-Run Centre Victoria, BC | Oct 26 - Nov 2, 2011 
"OFF LABEL: The Art of the Placebo" Festival co-facilitated by Open Space and The Wayward School

Co-hosted a variety of workshops, gatherings, panel discussions, lectures, and installation/interentions as part of this weeklong festival that brought together an international group of artists and intellectuals to explore health, spirituality and the effects of technology in a digitally mediated world.

Host City 

VIVO Media Arts Victoria, BC | Feb 17, 2010
'Afternoon School' at 'Safe Assembly', co-curated by cheyanne turions and Lois Klassen

Co-presented with Stefan Morales for The Wayward School, to ask: “in what ways does the host city behave as a guest in its wider environs?” ‘Safe Assembly' was a 2-week series of responses to the “states of exception created by the 2010 Winter Olympic games”.